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Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 001
Tristan Sharrock
Colour Me Creole

When you are “coloured” or “Creole” it can be really hard to know “where you come from.” Because you are usually “a great big melting pot”..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 002
Stephanie Martei
Queen Of Hearts

When my family first moved to Australia from Ghana, I would always come home from school crying because other kids would make fun of my hair..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 003
Tabz A.
The Amaryllis

Made with graphite and ink, this artwork portrays the intersection of identity and strength. The piece depicts a Muslim, hijab wearing woman..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 004
Frank Lin
The Moon is a Beautiful Beast

(Frank Lin) is worship to the night, where outcasts and deviants can explore themselves without judgement. In church, I related more to fallen angels and devils..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 011
Diego Murillo
Rise and Grind Inc.

Rise and Grind Inc. is a satirical ad campaign that explores the false sense of productivity that Capitalism sells to us every day and challenges the culture of..

Codebreakers Gallery Samra
3am Thoughts

Right now, in life, it feels very uneasy. And all I want to feel like I belong. I don’t want to really disappear; I just want to be heard and seen by the people I care about..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 010
Ishani Dhiman

Sometimes I feel like a coconut, brown on the outside and white on the inside.
I can’t handle spicy foods, I can’t read Hindi and when I speak it, I sound broken..

Codebreakers Gallery Chanelle
Chanelle Ferreira Taualofai
In God We Trust

Building trust is important especially when we are connecting with friends, family and God. My faith gives me the ability to hand over life’s stressful situations..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 012
Cristobal Olguin
Shadow’s Clock

The story is influenced by the events that took place during the 1973 Dictatorship in Chile. The film is a reminder of how the past can affect future generations..

Codebreakers Gallery Submissions Saarah Hanifi
Saarah Hanif
Whispers and Tea

The images encapture the life, emotions and thoughts behind South Asian Queers in Western Sydney. The culture behind being South Asian as well as the isolation..

Codebreakers Gallery Submissions Songbird
A Poet

There are artists everywhere around us. Yet only a few of us get the privilege of being remembered. I want my grandmother to be remembered. Even if it’s through me..

Codebreakers Gallery Submissions Nomathemba Madziva
Nomathemba Madziva
Our Bodies Are Not Who We Are

I used to think that my body was my identity. For so long, I had been defined by it, and it had become all-consuming. The way that I looked had become..

Codebreakers Gallery Submission Season 2 008
Ellie-Mae Polsen
Storytelling About My Chop

This is a letter to my younger self about my hair and how I feel about it. My hair is very important to me because it makes me feel pretty. I didn’t like my hair..

Codebreakers Gallery My Universe
My Universe

My artwork is called “My Universe”. Since I was born, my Nan always used to point at the stars and tell me stories on how they’re all connected. That’s why I chose..

Codebreakers Gallery Blossom Away
Blossom Away

“Blossom Away” is an artwork that reminds me of cousins. I chose to paint this because I feel disconnected, and it is a way for me to feel connected again to my family..

Codebreakers Gallery Forever In Our Hearts
Heaven is too far

My work is called “Heaven is too Far”. The people I need the most are gone. Too far to reach. They are in heaven and will forever be there. With this painting..

Codebreakers Gallery Submissions Between the Lines
Nour El-Cham
Between the Lines

This written piece depicts a strong connection between me and my belief in God. It speaks about hope of ease after a long struggle as I bow down in prayer..

Codebreakers Gallery Heaven Awaits
Heaven Awaits

“Heaven Awaits” is my artwork. My Nan passed away and I always look for her in the sunset. If I’m at the beach or at a park, I look for her everywhere I am..

Codebreakers Gallery Submissions Views from a black women
Mabel Wiles
Views from a Black Women

My submission was identifying the
struggle of growing acceptance for my identity as a black woman living
in Australia..

Codebreakers Gallery My Culture And Me
My Culture and Me

My artwork is titled, “My Culture and Me”. I drew a tree because it’s peaceful, I like how big it is and the little specks of light that come through..

Codebreakers Gallery LGBT Love
Melody Maddy’s love passion

This artwork is called, “Melody Maddy’s love passion!” This artwork is about the LGBTQ+ community. I am not able to speak about it at home, so I like to express.. 

Codebreakers Gallery Submissions Sunflowers
Stevie-Marie Hei
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