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CHSP Payment Changes Portal

Helping Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) providers navigate the changes to payment arrangements

As you are no doubt aware, the way the Department of Health pays Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) service providers is changing. From 2022-23 providers will be paid monthly in arrears, with the new Support at Home Program due to commence in July 2023. 

To assist CHSP providers navigate the changes for 2022-23 and beyond, Western Sydney Community Forum has prepared a suite of products. 

We will also continue to host our regular community care forums to assist providers with the upcoming changes.
As always, please get in touch with us at [email protected] or on (02) 9687 9669 if we can provide any further assistance.


There are various unit costing tools being developed to assist providers calculate the unit costs of the services they deliver. One resource – provided free of charge – is available here.

We will be organising training sessions in the new year to further assist CHSP providers in calculating their unit costs.

Training Modules

Click here to view Module 1.
Click here to view Module 2.

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