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Saarah Hanif
Whispers and Tea

Samara Codebreakers Framed Submission SaarahHanif1
Samara Codebreakers Framed Submission SaarahHanif2
Samara Codebreakers Framed Submission SaarahHanif3
Samara Codebreakers Framed Submission SaarahHanif4

These four images are a part of a gallery work named, “Whispers and Tea, this work was a film and photography collaboration. The images encapture the life, emotions and thoughts behind South Asian Queers in Western Sydney. The culture behind being South Asian as well as the isolation brought on by being within the Queer community, both intertwine within these images. The inspiration conspired from personal life moments and my own identity of being both South Asian and Queer whilst living in Western Sydney. Western Sydney plays quite a vital role in the formation of the work as there is an overarching culture of prejudice against certain individuals and particular communities within the suburbs. The work plays as a conduit for conversation and a drive for any amount of change in the narrative presented within our communities in Western Sydney. As an artist my work will always hold a tie to Western Sydney and the many people within.

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