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Nour El-Chami
Between the lines

For a moment I was stuck 
For a lifetime I froze 
Imprisoned by my attachment to you 
Conflicted in a constant between logic and emotion 
I surrendered to your happiness as it promised me mine 
It vowed to compensate my heartache 
My tears accompanied yours until one day they began to warn you 
Her heart is numb, they said 
If she finds a way out she will wonder 
Oh dear one, she may catch a glimpse of happiness and never return 
Blinded by your dreams and promises, you were in denial 
One day it was all too heavy to carry 
I dropped to the floor 
My tears nurtured the ground 
My whispers were heard by what lied beneath me 
I spoke and they listened and together we prayed 
To what lies beyond the heavens 
We cried 
Oh god, please, there must soon be refuge 
We were promised that after every hardship comes ease 
I rise again.

This written piece depicts a strong connection between me and my belief in God. It speaks about hope of ease after a long struggle as I bow down in prayer to my lord. This piece shows my strong sense of belonging and identity of a believer and follower of God. 

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