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Diego Murillo
Rise and Grind Inc.

Rise and Grind Inc. is a satirical ad campaign that explores the false sense of productivity that Capitalism sells to us every day and challenges the culture of overworking as being a good thing for our lives.  

It’s based on these three Western Sydney characters and how the modern toxic work culture has negatively impacted those from marginalized backgrounds.  

Meet our overworked and underappreciated characters Mikki, Jimmy and June played by actors from the amazing PYT Ensemble: Ayah Darwich, Evan Adam, Marie-Jo Orbase. 

Director and Cinematographer: Diego Murillo
Producer: Samantha Barahona
Writers: Tracy Guo, Shawn Spina, Tanita Razaghi
Cast: Evan Adam, Marie-Jo Orbase, Ayah Darwich, Adam McPhilbin
Costume and set designer: Sandra May
Writing consultants: Miranda Aguilar, Sandra May
Camera Assistant: Tracy Gou
BTS: Shawn Spina
Production Assistant: Tanita Razaghi
Graphics & Design: Diego Murillo, Huy Nguyen
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