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WSCF CC NewsDigest 2023 Welcome
Shravan Guntuku
Camille Derriman
Camille Derriman
Blake Morris
Blake Morris

Welcome to the latest edition of the Community Care News Digest for 2023. In this edition, we spotlight crucial updates and opportunities within the realm of aged care.

Following the Fair Work Commission’s decision to increase wages by 15%, a grant opportunity has opened up to support eligible service providers to apply for this funding, which will meet the actual costs and associated on-costs of the Fair Work Commission’s decision. More details in this edition.

Shingrix is the first non-live vaccine listed on the National Immunisation Program for the prevention of shingles, and will be available from 1 November 2023. Older people and those with immunocompromised systems can receive this for free.

In other news, the National Online In Home Support From the Head and the Heart Conference has released more information for interested parties; this conference is a chance to listen to consumers, volunteers, and others from the community aged care sector on the aged care reforms, to help support older Australians in their home and community. Registration details can be found in this edition.

The aged care reform roadmap has also been updated to reflect the current range of digital health initiatives, new requirements, major reform elements, consultations, events and links to more information. Keep an eye out for future updates as well, as new developments transpire.

Lastly, the WSCF Community Care News Digest Feedback Survey link can be found in this edition. We love to know how you use the News Digest, whether the information distributed has been valuable for your work, and if there is anything else you would like to see added into the Digest. The survey will remain open for ongoing feedback.

For details on these stories and more, please follow the News Digest link below. Also, remember to check in with us on social media and connect with us on LinkedIn.

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