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What is the
Codebreakers Project?

The Codebreakers project engages young people from Western Sydney in conversations about race, identity and belonging on social media. Creating space where young people can build skills, and strong networks across the community, using their experiences, energy and collective power to make change.


Tell our stories in any way, shape or form.
Speak in our cultural languages.
Are paid for the content we create.
Learn from specialists in the field.
Are supported with a cultural network.

Who are the

We are First Nations. We are people with ancestries from across the world. We are Queer, Trans and Gender Diverse. We are People with Disability. We are Young People. We are Western Sydney.

We are supported by the Western Sydney Community Forum, Blacktown Youth Services Association (BYSA), Youth Action, Platform Youth Services (Platform YS), and Diversity Arts Australia (DARTS). Our project is funded by Multicultural NSW. 

Why are we

We want to inspire and empower young people to stand up and stand united against extremist hate, fear, violence and division as champions for community harmony.

We want to support our community networks to build resilience to threats to our community harmony from local or global events.

We want to build robust, sustainable networks, relationships and partnerships across communities.

We want to promote community understanding of the value and benefit of cultural diversity.

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