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Vault Of Possibilities

The Vault of Possibilities is a composition of activities to address gambling related harm with culturally and linguistically diverse communities, drawn from case studies of lived experience and service delivery.

Its purpose is to inspire ideas for implementing the Culturally Responsive Framework to Address Gambling Related Harm.

Open the vault to see how others have built cultural knowledge, cultural practice and cultural change.

The Vaults are live with new activities added from time to time, so check back again.

Harms Vault

  • Participation in local cultural events and activities
  • Community learning circles
  • Non-stigmatising bi-lingual fact sheets about everyday matters
  • Soft entry community activities to build local connections
  • GP Roundtable
  • Industry and employer engagement on gambling related harms workplace matters
  • Community of practice
  • Community advisory group
  • Bi-lingual and bi-cultural sessional team members
  • Home visits for older people
  • Community and family reconnection and mediation
  • Training of both soft entry and direct intervention services
  • Practice sessions with providers for evaluation and adaption
  • Connection with local culturally specific medical centres
  • Outreach with schools and young people
  • Community outreach with community of ex-inmates
  • Regular dissemination of service information through grassroots groups
  • Family oriented capacity building through soft entry services
  • Provision of wrap around whole of family support for person and family effected by gambling related harm
  • Ethnic community radio and newspapers
  • Training for employers on gambling related harm
  • Establish other forms of entertainment and recreation that is non-gambling related
  • Use of facilities for activities, events and functions outside of gambling related venues

Stressors Vault

  • Fact sheet on stigma and shame for team members
  • SEIFA and census data quarterly team workshops
  • Annual cultural responsiveness training for all staff
  • Guest speaker story series
  • Local maps of community resources and activities
  • Marketing collateral that promotes the outcome not the problem
  • Flexible time and location of service delivery
  • Contribution and submissions to policy decision making
  • Map of service referrals
  • Work with local pubs and clubs to establish joint outreach within venues
  • Community champions
  • Multi-purpose service offerings
  • Training for staff on policy and advocacy
  • Referral pathway portal
  • Collaborative local based annual community infrastructure plans

Strategies Vault

  • Research subscriptions
  • Lived experience learning circles
  • Grounded community consultation
  • Community advisory group
  • Data collection to capture and theme information from clients
  • Relationships and partnerships with existing community hubs of activity like retail precincts
  • Cultural responsiveness learning and development plan
  • Lived experience experts on ‘team’
  • Awareness raising campaign
  • Free coffee cart
  • Flexible service hours
  • Bi-lingual and bi-cultural sessional team members
  • Soft entry point activities
  • Children’s stories showcase
  • Awareness Day / Week
  • Culturally specific self-management checklist
  • Community of practice
  • Staff mentor program with community elder/leader or person with lived experience
  • Social and Community housing outreach and connections
  • Ethnic community radio and newspapers series
  • Community champions (religious, social, sporting, business) campaign
  • Outreach activity and information from religious centres
  • Community leaders workshops
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