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Feedback Hub

One of our key priorities at Western Sydney Community Forum is to maintain transparency and accountability to our members. As such, we have developed the Feedback Hub; where we share the insights we’ve gained from our members and a gateway for our stakeholders to engage with us and give us feedback.

Summary Results of Our Members & Stakeholders Survey

Priorities identified by the sector:

Housing and homelessness
Equitable access to goods and services
Health (incl. mental health, alcohol and other drugs)
Income support and poverty

80% of respondents were not for profit community service providers


Things that our stakeholders said that we did well:

  • More local-level connections
  • Using WSCF as a conduit for member ideas and suggestions
  • e-learning opportunities
  • joint project work and collaboration

Things that our stakeholders said that we can improve on:

  • Information shared through newsletters, events, forums etc.
  • User-friendly accessible information
  • Commitment of WSCF to reflect the priorities of the sector
  • Engage with and support organisations in their sector development and service delivery

Your Feedback

If you have any feedback regarding us or any of our projects, feel free to complete the form below. Feedback can be anonymous, however, anonymous complaints will not be formally accepted. If you would like further information regarding our complaints procedures, please click here.

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