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Clearinghouse: Service Continuity During

Facilitate sharing of information regarding the broader suite of tools and strategies that are being applied to maintain service continuity across service types. Web based and digital methods will be used including, podcast interviews with agencies and sharing of international resources and strategies.

This information will inform practical strategies to support service delivery to people experiencing vulnerability, the topics for live streaming sessions, and information to government and stakeholders for service and public policy during COVID-19 management.

What tools are your organisation using? What strategies are you implementing?

Please contact us below to enable us to facilitate sharing of information to support the sector.


Cyber Business Uplift Series

Have you recently received a suspicious email from a friend or colleague?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many services to go online, and has increased the number of cyber attacks.

Western Sydney Community Forum has partnered with the NSW Cyber Security Innovation Node and NSW Treasury for a series of lunchtime discussions about cyber security – what it means, why it is important for you, your service and your clients, and how you can implement it in your organisation.

The Cyber Business Uplift Series will be addressing matters such as these and many more cyber security topics. This series is being shaped by you, the community sector, so be sure to contact us to request an area you would like to see explored!

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