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Feminine Radiance I
Raneen Shamon

These studies are an exploration of strength and vulnerability in the female form.

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Feminine Radiance II
Raneen Shamon

These studies are an exploration of strength and vulnerability in the female form.

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Eight O’clock
Emmanuel Asante

My art practice critically examines and reflects my identity as a young Ghanaian migrant to Australia, incorporating traditional African metaphors and cultural symbols to evoke visual-aesthetic experiences and modes of storytelling.


It was hard to realise that contrary to what most people say – my sexuality is not my own. Because I am not just my own person. Yes, I am me, but I am also part of a family, a community. Something bigger than myself.

The Other Side of the Storm
Tee Robertson

The following submission addresses the internal dialogue that feeds my long-term doubts and firmly held limiting beliefs. This piece should be read as if it were on the pages of your best friends journal.

African Clothes
Isha Kebe

The changing of outstanding African outfits to represent the role as a King which was on the tv series of The Last Kingdom where the king demanded to step down as he did not feel supported by his people.

The Social Contract
Multiple Contributors

Young people know what they are entitled to. They know what makes them feel supported, safe and heard. Young people aren’t afraid to assert their space and let you know how they expect to be treated.

Communities Help Us Thrive
Molly Taylor

It provides that belonging to people, like myself, who believe or believed they are alone. The reason communities like are able to change lives overnight is because of the fundamental benefits that they possess and work collectively: support, influence, sharing, and acceptance.

Your Nightmares Are
Our Reality
Raneen Shamon

My artwork is a reflection of the impact of war, conflict, and terrorism in my brother and I, as we were forced to leave our country in order to escape persecution and war. My artwork explores the innocence of childhood and the traumatic experience of displacement.

My Beloved Nation
Zahra Qalandari

We all know about the current situation in Afghanistan and how its people are hopeless and sorrowful for this reason I tried to raise my voice by writing a poem about its beauty and we all need to remain hopeful for a day to shine and get together to protect our motherland.

Maturing Through
The Climate Crisis
Nosrat Fareha

Even if I was just a child, I too was a valued member of society, and my words also deserved the same respect as any other person. I believed that if my future was at stake then I should get to have a say in it.

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Manuga Bandara

My drawing is about multiculturalism between Australia and Sri Lanka (my country). Three years ago, I moved to Australia and started learning English. The left half of my picture represents Srilankan culture. The right side represents the Australian culture. I used the colours of both flags in each country to draw this picture. This picture shows I live here in my Sri Lankan cultural way while taking good aspects of Australian culture.

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Benediction from the lost ones Rex Zhang

There is the frightening and heartbreaking feeling of disconnection from my culture, even the flash of moments feel tragic because they are the reminders of what I have lost. At the same time, there is a calming stillness like a friend puts on a warm trench coat on us as I have received so much blessing, support and love along the way, too. After the war, after the intimate dance with death, it is left with the Benediction from the lost ones.

Together but Apart
Ailsa Liu

“My Grandma is a marginalised unrepresented person from Sydney, an immigrant-carer, non-English speaking Chinese elderly lady, yet who lives and has a social life in Western Sydney, in Merrylands, where I grew up in. My writing expresses a conflicted and complex relationship; of being very present with other people yet also quite isolated. It talks about the surface differences in living and practicing culture as well as finding what is similar or different in meanings and in intention.”

“This piece was originally written for The Long Table, a collaboration between Weave Parramatta and The Finishing School Collective for Sydney Design Festival 2019 produced and sponsored by The Parramatta Artists’ Studios an initiative of The City of Parramatta.”

Thinking Poetry
Nirjala Pandey

I am a migrant Nepalese girl who came to this country at the age of 12.

The idea of belonging and self identity was just a confusing thought in my 12 year old mind when I joined school here, it was almost as if I was too Nepali to be in an Australian school which was ironic as it was a multicultural school.

That is what brought these poems to life.

Tradition & Me
Angela Dela Cruz

This poem and collage were inspired by the Tradition & Me Codebreakers event. Cultural healing looks like different things to different people. For me, de-colonising my relationship to food and reconnecting to my culture’s food has allowed me to strengthen my relationship with my Filipino community. It has helped me to appreciate the ways which traditions can simultaneously change and continue over time.

Reflections on writing: You Are Amazing and Unique in The way You Are
Mina Skandari

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Racism in aisle 12
Rose Lewis

Shopping for sunscreen and beauty products isn’t a wholly enjoyable experience. I often feel that cosmetic decision-makers don’t have people like me in mind when they’re designing their products. For example, ‘nude’ shoes, band-aids, and sheer leggings usually suit the same complexions that align with certain Western beauty standards. It’s rare that supermarkets stock my colour, I’ve usually gotta find a luxury brand in order to find something that could realistically work.

Intersection of Dance and Culture –
Through a Tamil Lens Ramya Prabhakaran

Ramya, choreographer and dancer, speaks about her expertise of Kuthu dance and Tamil culture. She touches on history, and specific cultural nuances, that drives her purposeful direction of her dance pieces. She outlines her direction, utilising an exemplar dance piece she created, as an example. – Domina

Home is Where the Tribunal Says it Will Be

This canvas is a visual rendition of a refugee’s life.

This painting serves to offer the broader Australian community an insight (albeit very minuscule), into the lives of those whose only crime has been seeking safety.

Are You A Codebreaker Weaving Circle

Weaving Circle
Jean & Rose Lewis

As young women on Darug Land, we attended the launch of an art exhibition in Blacktown called Proper Way: Us Women, Us Men curated by Jamie Eastwood and Dr Virginia Keft. We learned about gender roles in the First Nations community and how to create and appreciate art in a culturally proper way. 

To express our gratitude, we spent some hours in the women’s weaving circle and placed our art onto the wall to become part of the exhibition

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